The Thrillosophy Trilogy

Anthony is developing a Trilogy of fictional novels.

He has developed a unique style of writing that combines high-octane, edge-of-your-seat thrillers with thoughts on the fundamental questions of our existence. Readers get the excitement of tense and electrifying thrillers, and also an opportunity to use the characters’ experiences to ask themselves deeper questions about their own lives.

Anthony’s vision is that presenting these deep philosophical questions in this format will encourage readers who might not buy non-fiction philosophy or MBS (Mind / Body / Spirit) books to think about their own lives and how they live them.

In Laura’s Legacy, readers are encouraged to think about their own personal existence – their purpose in life, their judgement of right and wrong, and how to have happiness in their life.

In Amy’s Amazon, readers are presented with radical ideas on the relationship between Humanity and the environment within which we exist, and on the potential of the human beings – is there a limit to our potential?

Both books also touch on topical issues around our economic, social and political structures, and the third book in The Thrillosophy Trilogy will explore these ideas on a much deeper level, looking at how society can be organised in such a way as to promote harmony and equality through a sustainable model of living.