About Laura’s Legacy

Laura’s Legacy

Laura’s legacy book previewThe first book in The Thrillosophy Trilogy is Laura’s Legacy, where we first meet the heroine Laura Whiteland. Laura is a young care-free American woman, who is thrown into a dangerous world of global intrigue as she flees unseen but deadly adversaries.

When her father dies, he leaves Laura a message asking her to fulfil a mission that at first seems relatively simple, though undeniably strange – Laura is to collect a “package” from a man in Bangkok, and deliver it to an address that she will be given when she collects the package.

Before long, death and carnage surround her as a plane is blown out of the sky and she is chased through the streets of Bangkok. As Laura races from continent to continent, the tension swells and we are kept on the edge of our seat; hoping that she will escape and fulfil her mission.

The book ends with at least two mind-blowing revelations, delivering a satisfying though unexpected finale for the reader.

As Laura tries to survive the attempts of the sinister forces arranged against her, she meets a variety of people who help her. During conversations with these allies, Laura has to consider her place in the world, and how well she understands herself.

Questions are posed and possible answers are discussed, questions that are fundamental to our very existence. What is our purpose in life? Why are we here? Is there a God? Is there an afterlife? How can we tell right from wrong? How can we be happy in our lives? Do our economic and political structures operate they way they should?

Through Laura’s exploration of these elemental questions, readers can consider the questions and the potential answers and solutions that are applied, in the context of their own lives.

Feedback has been that Laura’s Legacy can be a life-changing book for any readers who choose to take these questions to heart and give them a true consideration.